The 1st Power Up: Energy, Protect it & Project it

Last blog post we confirmed that Energy is really important, why it is really important and that it does seriously benefit from understanding how to balance that energy out across your different focus points. (Life, Love & Business) in the last blog we also discussed how energy can look different depending on an individuals values and focus on that time in life.This time we are going to discuss how to protect your energy.

Protecting your energy is something that even I still struggle with at times. It is a never ending element that factors into how we feel and carry ourselves through life.

When protecting our energy the first step is to be aware of what drains it, what builds it up.

Do you live for social situations and need to be around people to feel energized or does it take solo music listening and consistent ability to use creative outlets?

Does it take ambition and hustling or does it take quality time with family and a life without format to feel like you’re living your best life?

Stop and consider what makes you feel happy and you should be able to define what makes you feel the opposite.

Now that you have an idea of what drains it and builds it up it’s time to discuss how to protect that energy.

It may sound obvious but in my years as a student and a leader I shall say nothing is obvious unless it is stated so step 2 would have to be stay the heck away from the people, places and things that leave you or your energy feeling drained.

Harder to swallow then to hear I’m sure, as someone who is re-married I can definitely say it isn’t always easy.

Sometimes we know things feel bad to us but we tell ourselves “it’s worth it” or “they are worth it”. Sometimes we know everything we need to subtract or even that we need to completely reset but we feel stuck or even worse obligated to “stick things out” or settle.

In those times it’s important to truly re-analyze and consider if you are choosing happiness or choosing to complain.

Some people love to be miserable. Some people love to live in toxic negative spaces. The narcissists of the world will always revel in the discomfort and lies they can pass onto others because for some reason they live for negative energy.

Sounds dumb but I have seen it happen multiple times to people I used to feel bad for. Now I just brush off the disappointment and move on, which brings us to the next form of energy protection!

Letting shit go, and yes sometimes shit can be people.

Yup, just like Elsa you gotta let it or them go. Just like how you can’t save everyone, or everything you can’t give your energy to everyone or everything. If you focus on the ones that are fighting the good energy you’re going to miss out on the ones trying to grow and glow!

Nothing will ruin healthy vibes like letting things that you have no control over. It’s easy to say but it isn’t always easy to do. Sometimes it takes going through my energy reaction checklist (can I change this, what can I learn from this, and can I prevent this from happening again) to keep my energy (or get it back) on the positivity track.

Thats two for protection. Now let’s talk Energy Projection!

The sooner you learn to look at things and react with positive energy the sooner you will become receptive to the universe's opportunities you were born to take.

Yup if you are a geek like me consider it measurable by the theme music you’d hear when you appear in a video game or movie. If you’re a basic normal human then consider it the moods you’re in or attitude towards life.

For example: If you drop your drink and create a mess in front of someone you admire or want to work with you have two options.

Negative energy reaction (get upset, complain about it) + cleanup or Positive energy reaction (let it go) + cleanup.

Now, again things are not obvious unless stated so let me break it down.

Either way you have a mess to clean up, the only choice you really have is in the energy you decide to put into your reaction while you clean up the mess.

In the time you spend upset or complaining about the mess, you could be overheard or seen upset and complaining - which rarely appeals to people when looking for social or professional interactions.

Meanwhile I see the mess, make a friendly joke, clean it up and am getting back to work with a smile in place getting a compliment while being handed a card for being pleasant.

The point I’m trying to make is YOU are the only person that can throw off or fix your energy, you alone are the one who controls how you react to things and what opportunities you lose or receive. Your opportunities are only given away if you give them away.

So stop finding excuses to be unhappy, figure out what fills you energy, what drains your energy so you can start protecting it and projecting it.

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