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The Revampbiz

 Marketing + Branding Professionals

Consistently proven to be effective and efficient in growing business models and reputation with extensive experience with development, marketing and building teams from the ground up while leading with communication focused on the growth for the brands we help.

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Meet the Owners


Tessa and Justin Parker 

Husband and Wife Duo or Passionate Power Couple? YOU DECIDE!

All jokes aside Justin and I are two integrity driven and creative swolemates who have a passion for helping others, be it coaching people in wellness, business or simply capturing candid's that memorialize a special event or a casual content day. Combined we have the experience and the accountability it takes to take business, brands and individuals to the top of their industry!

Amen Ra Stampley

Revamp Biz provides an excellent service for businesses trying to grow their online presence. Tessa has been really helpful to expand my content’s reach. What’s great about the service is that she doesn’t just do the work for you. She walks you through her strategy and provides great tips based on research and analytics to help you maintain your success after working with her.  Highly highly recommend


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